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How Do I Qualify For Social Security Disability?

Three criteria must be in place to receive SSD benefits. The first two are written into law. The third is just a fact:

1. You Must Be Medically Disabled

You must be impaired either physically or psychologically, so that you are unable to engage in substantial gainful activity (SGA). This inability to work must be in effect for the past 12 months or more, or you expect it to be in effect for the next 12 months or more. The disabilities must have significant duration. Seizures or a terminal illness may qualify; a broken arm probably does not.

2. You Must Have A Work History

You must have worked enough in the course of your life to be entitled to benefits. (Or, for SSI, where beneficiaries lack work history, your income and resources must be low enough to qualify for benefits.)

3. You Must Persevere

Government publications don’t mention this, but bureaucratic obstacles prevent most applicants from qualifying quickly. Qualifying for Social Security Disability requires patience and fortitude. The vast majority of claims are denied during the first round. Those who apply for benefits should commit to a long-term effort to secure benefits — no matter how obviously you deserve them.

The SSD and SSI lawyers at The Law Offices of Arnold S. Levine can help you on all three of these points. We understand what kinds of medical records you need to present in order to be persuasive. This knowledge alone will protect your application from lengthy delays. We also know how to present persuasive financial and work information. Finally, we manage the application process for you, so you don’t get discouraged by SSA refusals.

How do I qualify? Our skilled attorneys know what the SSA needs to grant you benefits. In Cincinnati, Ohio, call 513-823-3257. Or describe your problem for our lawyers using this message form.