Probate And Estate Administration

Finalizing your loved one’s affairs is no easy task and is fraught with emotion. Even if there are clear estate planning documents in place, the estate executor or administrator has a great responsibility in assuring all issues are handled in accordance with his or her fiduciary duty.

At The Law Offices of Arnold S. Levine, our Cincinnati probate lawyer can help you understand your duties as an executor and your rights as a beneficiary of an estate during this challenging process.

We handle cases for clients throughout Ohio and Kentucky that involve all manner of assets. Whether you are working through a simple will and trust or need to address issues of complex assets or contested will disputes, we can help. Schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced estate administration attorney at our firm to learn more about your options and how to proceed.

The Estate And Probate Process In Ohio And Kentucky

The probate and estate administration process can be drawn out, especially when complex assets are involved. It takes time to track down the deceased’s income and debt records and gain a complete understanding of his or her assets. Furthermore, determining how any remaining assets will be distributed among heirs and beneficiaries can result in some contentious disputes.

Some cases also end in litigation because of concerns that the deceased was taken advantage of by his or her caretaker. Resolving these disputes about coercion, fraud and unlawful actions is not about evening the score after a loved one passed away. It is about making sure his or her wishes are carried out appropriately.

Every member of our team works directly with clients to guide them through the legal process. When you contact our office you will gain an understanding of your responsibilities, your rights and how to proceed in accordance with the law.

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