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Who Can Be Held Liable If Your Child Is Bullied At School?

Bullying continues to be an issue in schools across the country and Ohio, leading to emotional and physical injuries and even suicide in the most serious cases. Parents fraught with emotions are desperate to protect their child from harm while going to school. Everyone has a right to be safe at school, yet every day we hear stories about bullying that should have been prevented.

Too often, school officials have turned a blind eye to information about an ongoing problem where one child is being victimized by another student or a group of students. This has resulted in harm that could have been prevented had a teacher, principal or another staff member taken action. At The Law Offices of Arnold S. Levine, L.P.A., we help students and their families in Cincinnati and throughout Ohio seek justice for injuries suffered in school bullying cases. We seek legal action on your behalf through a civil lawsuit.

Lawsuits Filed Against Schools For Bullying Are Becoming More Common

Under the law, if school officials had knowledge of harassment and failed to take action to prevent it from continuing and their inaction caused the harm, they can be held liable for the injuries or wrongful death, depending on the circumstances of the case.

If the aggressor (bully) is 14 years old or younger, they cannot legally be held liable for their own actions. However, if teachers, faculty members, principals or other staff breached their duty to protect a student from harm while at school, they typically are covered for liability through the school insurance policy. The policy would pay for any damages and financial compensation awarded to the victim or his or her family.

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