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Pedestrian Accidents

Many people each year are injured in hit-and-skip accidents, occurring when a driver strikes a pedestrian and then drives away from the scene. Even if the car drove away and the driver is never found, there are still benefits that you can recover.

Cincinnati Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

At The Law Offices of Arnold S. Levine, we will carefully review all insurance policies that you have to determine if there are benefits that you can claim.

Just because you are not in your car at the time of the accident does not mean that your auto insurance doesn’t apply to the accident. Your coverage is designed to cover any accidents you are involved in that involves a vehicle. There are also additional provisions in other forms of insurance, including homeowners’ insurance, that can come into play in these situations.

It is important that you contact a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer as soon as possible following your accident to determine what you are eligible to file for. There are often deadlines to be considered, and we can efficiently guide you to a recovery.

Ohio Pedestrian Injury Attorneys

If the accident has resulted in a death, we are available to handle the wrongful death case. We will recover the restitution, providing justice for your loved one and helping to provide for surviving loved ones and children.

We take all cases on a contingency fee basis: We don’t get paid unless you do. To arrange a free initial consultation to discuss the detail of the accident, please call us today at 513-823-3257 (Ohio).