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Types Of Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has become a hot-button issue and states, including Ohio, are enacting a variety of laws to combat the practice. Those caught texting and driving face high penalties and the movement has morphed into “hands-free” driving laws.

While cellphones have been the focus of these laws, there are actually three types of distracted driving to consider.

Cognitive Distracted Driving

Devices are really just a physical item used by drivers who are not paying full attention to the road. But distraction, by its very definition, is more about mental focus than making calls or texting. When a driver allows their concentration to lapse in favor of conversation, daydreaming, drug use, drunk driving or becoming preoccupied with rambunctious children while driving, they are distracted. It’s easy to blame an electronic device, but cognitive distracted driver is far more complicated. It’s about mental focus.

Visual Distracted Driving

One of the basic rules of driving is to “keep your eyes on the road.” Drivers have been breaking this one long before the invention of cellular phones. This type of distracted driving occurs any time a person takes their eyes off the process of negotiating streets, highways, traffic and pedestrians. The more common incidents of visual distracted driving occur from fiddling with GPS devices and in-car entertainment systems.

Manual Distracted Driving

In driver training, people are all taught to keep their hands on the wheel a 10 and 2 o’clock. Drinking coffee, nibbling on snacks, texting, smoking or reaching for an item on the floor or passenger’s seat are all instances when someone’s hands are off the wheel. If someone is not fully engaged in physical driving, they are distracted.

For More Information

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