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Bus And Public Transportation Accidents

Public transportation has a responsibility to provide a safe environment for its passengers. When it fails to do so and you experience an injury as a result, contact a skilled personal injury attorney to learn what can be done in your situation to recover damages.

Ohio Metro Transit Accident Lawyers

At The Law Offices of Arnold S. Levine, we are committed to helping clients as they face sometimes devastating injuries. We have the skill and understanding that you need to effectively fight for restitution.

We represent a wide range of bus-related accidents, including:

  • Pedestrians struck or run over
  • Buses running into other cars
  • Buses changing lanes, assuming that they have the right of way
  • Passengers falling and being injured from the jostling motion of the bus or quick stops

We will visit the appropriate offices to view the tapes and make sure that we have an accurate understanding of what took place. We carefully review the records and all footage of the accident. We have established relationship with the appropriate departments and agencies, and we are prepared to build a concrete case on your behalf.

We will find the instances where the bus or taxi company should have been vigilant for your safety and file the appropriate suits to make the situation right.

Contact Cincinnati Bus Accident Lawyers

We take all cases on a contingency fee basis: We don’t get paid unless you do. To arrange a free initial consultation to discuss the detail of the accident, please call us today at 513-823-3257 (Ohio).