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workers' compensation Archives

Workers' compensation help for injured workers when the need it

Familiarity with the different types of workers' compensation benefits injured workers can receive is essential for injured workers. Injured workers and their families should understand how benefits are obtained and how to make a claim; when a claim for benefits may be denied and what to do; and what types of benefits are available through workers' compensation which acts as a form of insurance for injured workers.

Workers' compensation benefits in Ohio can help injured workers

Workers' compensation benefits are an important protection injured workers have against the mounting harm that may result after they suffer a workplace injury. Workers' compensation benefits can help injured workers ad their families offset some of the physical, financial and emotional challenges and losses associated with an injury that occurs on-the-job.

Fatal Ohio workplace accident claims life of worker

Workers' compensation benefits provide a variety of support for injured workers and their families. A fatal workplace accident recently claimed the life of a 56-year-old Ohio worker. The man died when he was caught in between boxes and a conveyor belt and crushed. The workplace accident occurred as workers were loading products onto a truck. The worker was pinned for 10 minutes prior to being extricated. He was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead.

The traffic related injuries covered by workers' compensation

Many traffic accidents take place either in the morning or afternoon rush hours, when most people are commuting to and from their employment. Those who have a bare understanding of the concept of workers' compensation may think that injuries that occur in these crashes are covered by workers' compensation, since they took place while a worker was on the way to work, or coming from work. However, injuries caused by most traffic accidents do not qualify as being covered by workers' compensation.

The status of medical marijuana under workers' comp.

Medical marijuana was legalized for specific health conditions in Ohio under a new law, HB 523. However, the state's workers' compensation laws do not allow reimbursement for the use of medical marijuana for treatment of workplace injuries.

Step by step through the workers' compensation process

When Cincinnati residents suffer an injury at work, it can be a difficult problem to overcome. Injured individuals may worry that they won't be able to earn an income while they are recovering, and they might also be worried about their relationship with their employer. But, fortunately, the workers' compensation system is in place in Ohio to help these injured workers.

Important timeframes for workers' compensation

Injuries that occur in the workplace are fairly common. That is why a workers' compensation system is set up in Ohio. Construction workers, industrial workers and railroad workers are just some of the individuals who face the potential for serious injuries on a daily basis at their jobs. However, when a workplace injury does occur, Ohio residents need to be aware of some important timeframes in the workers' compensation system.

What types of workplace injuries are preventable?

Our readers in Ohio who are familiar with previous posts here know that workers who are injured on the job are, in general, entitled to workers' compensation benefits regardless of whether the accident in question was their fault or not - just so long as they didn't intentionally hurt themselves. But, no one wants to be injured on the job in the first place. Injuries and illnesses can keep employees from working for days, weeks or even months, all the while being unable to earn income.

You have the right to appeal a workers' compensation denial

You've worked for years, perhaps giving your employer the best years of your life. Whether you've been with a company for two weeks or twenty years, you deserve protection from job site injuries. Although certain industries, including construction and delivery driving, have higher risks for work-related injuries, anyone can sustain a work injury. Office workers, teachers and even sales clerks in a retail setting could end up severely injured in the course of doing their jobs.

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