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Different types of damages to help car accident victims in Ohio

Personal injury damages are important for car accident victims in Ohio to be familiar with to help them recover from the harm they have suffered at the hands of a negligent driver. Personal injury damages can help car accident victims with a range of physical, financial and emotional damages commonly suffered in a car accident.

How legal resources can help with soft tissue injuries

There are many types of serious injuries that victims of car accidents can suffer which is why they should be aware of what they are, what the symptoms are and what they can do about them. Car accident victims should be familiar with the types of injuries they may receive help with and the legal options and resources available to them through the personal injury legal process.

What types of car accident injuries can I get help with?

Car accidents can leave victims facing a rash of injuries which leads to a pile of medical bills and the inability to work while they recover. Fortunately, personal injury legal protections are available to help victims recover compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering for the injuries they have suffered in a car accident.

Beware of slips and falls in winter weather

As snow descends on Ohio residents and continues to accumulate while people go about completing their daily tasks, including rushing to complete their holiday shopping, they may not be aware of the risks that could befall them if the proprietors of businesses have not ensured their safety. Slips and falls are common accidents that take place in winter.

The safety concerns of the electric scooter phenomenon

A new transportation and recreation option, the rental electronic scooter, has been showing up in many U.S. cities. This includes here in Cincinnati. Such scooters have generated a fair amount of public excitement. They also, however, raise some safety issues.

Lawsuit holds retailers responsible for murder

Retailers may be held legally responsible for merchandise that inflicts harm to others or for failure to take reasonable precautions. In a relatively unique personal injury lawsuit, the family of a man killed by his neighbor sued Cabela's and its parent company, Bass Pro Shop, for selling the murder weapon.

De-icer contains high radiation amounts

It is often ironic and dangerous that products intended to improve safety and convenience can cause personal injury. According to a recent report, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources identified one of these potentially defective products. A de-icer product being sold to consumers contains high levels of radiation that are unacceptable, according to an ODNR study.

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