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personal injury Archives

De-icer contains high radiation amounts

It is often ironic and dangerous that products intended to improve safety and convenience can cause personal injury. According to a recent report, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources identified one of these potentially defective products. A de-icer product being sold to consumers contains high levels of radiation that are unacceptable, according to an ODNR study.

Ride-sharing service deals with sexual assault

Ride-sharing services have grown dramatically. It was reasonably foreseeable that personal injury cases involving these services would involve car accidents. Earlier this year, however, CNN disclosed a report indicating that over 100 Uber drivers were accused of sexual abuse or assault.

Amusement park injuries are often unreported

Ohio's amusement parks are known for fun, but its attractions can also cause injuries. Unfortunately, filing a personal injury lawsuit faces obstacles because government agencies do not receive comprehensive reports on injuries suffered at these parks. Lack of transparency also limits public accountability for negligence or unsafe rides.

Know your rights after an animal attack

It is not uncommon for Cincinnati residents to keep pets in their homes. In fact, dogs are among the most popular pets due, in part, to the animals' generally balanced demeanors and loyalty. However, even the calmest dog can turn violent if it feels threatened and when dogs attack the results can be tragic.

Hypoxia during delivery can lead to long-term health problems

The birth of a child is a celebrated event in the lives of Cincinnati parents. Many parents-to-be spend months preparing for the arrival of their new baby and spend time and money ensuring that everything is just right. While many newborns come into the world without any complications, some babies are not so lucky and suffer serious birth injuries during the labor and delivery process.

A personal injury lawsuit can help victims take control

A sudden injury suffered in an accident can impact a Cincinnati resident's life in innumerable ways. First, there is the physical pain and discomfort of the injury, which must be addressed by medical treatment. That medical treatment can be a huge financial burden - one that many people simply aren't prepared for. And then, after the injury victim leaves the hospital, there is often a struggle to return to normal life.

Can you pursue a legal claim after suffering a personal injury?

It is hard to plan for what you would do if you were suddenly the victim of an accident that caused you to suffer serious physical injuries. Yes, many people have health insurance, and anyone who drives a vehicle is supposed to have car insurance, but sometimes these insurance policies simply aren't enough to provide for all of the losses that an accident victim might face. So, what are the options for Ohio residents who find themselves in this type of situation? Is a legal claim a possibility?

Exploring options when an injury is caused by a defective product

Most people don't think about it, but just walking out of your house each day can expose many people to danger. Car accidents, animal bites, pedestrian accidents and medical malpractice are all examples of danger that many people are exposed to on a regular basis. But, there is another danger that can cause just as serious of an injury for an Ohio resident: a defective product.

Marine veteran hit by car while crossing street in a wheelchair

Most drivers in the Cincinnati area know that they need to be on the lookout for bicyclists, joggers and pedestrians when they are on the roadways. However, the unfortunate reality is that not all drivers are as careful as they should be. In some cases, this can result in pedestrian accidents that can lead to serious injuries.

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