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motor vehicle accidents Archives

How common are auto-pedestrian accidents?

Spring is right around the corner and many Ohio residents are probably eagerly looking forward to getting back to doing some outdoor activities. For some, they may be looking forward to picking up their jogging routine again. For others, it may be as simple as wanting to take the dog for a walk without having to worry about winter weather. But, the unfortunate reality is that when people walk, jog or run alongside public roads, they may be putting themselves in danger.

Determining fault in the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident

In the aftermath of a serious car accident, most people are, rightfully, focused on getting medical treatment as soon as possible and making sure that the path toward a full recovery of health is in order. However, as those immediate concerns are addressed, the injured victims are likely thinking of one other point: Who caused the accident to begin with?

Alcohol consumption may be involved in hit-and-run incident

By now, every driver knows that getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking alcohol is a bad idea. Not only could such behavior result in criminal charges, it could also lead to motor vehicle accidents that could leave someone else injured, or even result in death. Unfortunately, the latter was the result in an alleged hit-and-run incident that occurred in nearby Warren County.

How common are injuries in recreational vehicle accidents?

Most people in Ohio have seen the results of a car wreck on the side of the road. These accidents can range from simple fender-benders to more serious crashes involving severe injuries. And car accidents have all kinds of causes. But what about accidents involving recreational vehicles? How often do these types of crashes occur, and how often do injuries occur in these accidents?

Winter storms can lead to increased risk for serious car crashes

The holiday season is fast approaching, and people everywhere are already starting to prepare for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. There's another kind of preparation you can undertake at this time of year that is quite important. It's time to start planning for safety on winter roads. Crashes and resulting injuries and fatalities often increase during inclement weather. Knowing that there are risks can help you take steps to protect yourself on the road.

What are some common causes of commercial vehicle accidents?

Of all the different types of motor vehicle accidents that occur on the roads and highways of Ohio, there are perhaps none more dangerous than accidents that involve commercial vehicles such as semi-trucks. These vehicles are significantly larger than passenger vehicles, and often they are transporting hazardous cargo as well. What are some of the common causes of accidents involving commercial vehicles?

Auto-Pedestrian accidents can be deadly for Ohio pedestrians

In a major metropolitan city like Cincinnati, our readers should think to themselves, "How often am I a pedestrian every day?" Do you cross the street to get from your car to your office? Do you walk to lunch? Do you go for a run after work for your daily workout? Many people may not realize just how often they are pedestrians and, therefore, potentially in harm's way and at risk of being involved in an auto-pedestrian accident.

Is the opioid epidemic leading to more motor vehicle accidents?

The opioid epidemic that is plaguing the United States has been receiving quite a bit of news coverage lately, as our readers have probably seen. Efforts to address this growing problem go all the way up to President Trump and his advisors. On both a state and federal level, our governments are trying to address this problem that is ruining lives and destroying families.

The aftermath of a hit and run accident

Many Ohio residents have been in a car accident before, but not everyone has been the victim of a hit and run accident. For most decent people, it is hard to imagine a person would flee after causing an accident that may have resulted in significant property damage or injuries. But hit and run accidents aren't all that uncommon.

MIT researches distracted driving and how to keep drivers safe

In the United States, approximately 40,000 people were killed while traveling on the roads last year. Distracted driving in Ohio was the reason for many of those motor vehicle accident deaths. While the distractions are varied, ranging from eating to using a cell phone, it is unclear exactly how people are affected by these distractions. A recent study by MIT researchers focuses on how drivers act while driving and the best ways of keeping them safe.

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