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Can A Car Accident-Related Concussion Affect Your Hearing?

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2022 | personal injury

People who have been injured in a car accident might be under the impression that their most obvious injuries — broken bones, cuts, bruises and the like –- will be the most severe and longest-lasting. However, people with whiplash, head trauma and internal injuries can suffer serious and long-term damage even they emerged from the crash seemingly unscathed.

Concussions and their severity are notoriously difficult to pin down. Many times, the injured person is not even diagnosed immediately. They might feel fine in the aftermath of the accident, but certain symptoms indicate that they were hurt in ways they did not realize. People who had a concussion can have lingering aftereffects that should be assessed and considered when thinking about pursuing compensation for what was lost.

Concussion and hearing damage

After a concussion, people might feel lethargic and disoriented, experience nausea and vertigo. These are some of the obvious symptoms from a concussion. However, a concussion can impact other areas, including hearing. One aspect of hearing is recognition of specific sounds.

Statistically, up to 20% of people who suffer a concussion will have obstacles in processing sound. Many times, they are not even aware of what is happening or that the auto accident led to a concussion that caused this issue. If the brain has suffered trauma or damage, it will hinder its ability to function as it should. There are technical aspects of hearing such as comparing the sounds and where they are coming from to deduce its origin.

A study analyzed college athletes to gauge how concussions might have affected their processing of sound. There were 500 participants. Many had hearing that was considered “normal” until they had trouble with what was known as the “speech-in-noise test.” If they heard a sentence while there was a loud noise surrounding it, they were unable to decipher what the sentence said. Those whose brains were working normally recognized the sentence.

In addition, people who suffered a concussion may be increasingly sensitive to sounds. This suggests that the hearing system was harmed by the concussion. Since the brain is so complex and research into concussions and how to treat and prevent them is ongoing, it can be difficult to find these issues and address them. Often, people recover on their own, but they might have permanent damage due to the accident.

Knowing the various injuries that can occur is key after an auto accident

People might take certain senses and abilities for granted. When they are injured in an auto accident and they can no longer see, hear or do the same things they did before, it can be a primary concern. Hearing is important in general, but people who have certain jobs might need to be in tip top condition to perform their duties. This is true for those in dangerous jobs like law enforcement, firefighters, construction and the medical field. Being unable to recognize sounds can damage just about anyone’s future.

When there are symptoms of a concussion, being diagnosed is essential. If it is ongoing and people are confronted with medical expenses, problems at work, the need for family members to help them and other factors, it can be a personal, financial and professional hardship. Knowing the steps to take after an auto accident in which there was a concussion may require experienced and professional help. This can be crucial to moving forward and addressing all the challenges that arise.