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Avoiding SSD application mistakes

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2021 | social security disability

Filing for Social Security Disability payments, otherwise called SSD, is different from filing for age-based benefits in Ohio. The Social Security Administration might deny your SSD application the first time around even if you do your best. There are several mistakes people make when applying for SSD, and these errors can lead to rejected applications.

The ins and outs of applying for SSD aren’t always clear if you don’t have experience in SSD law. Keep the below issues in mind to give your application the best chance possible.

Provide all relevant medical records

Provide as many records as possible from numerous doctors. The information you provide should include the following:

  • Records from every doctor who has ever treated your disability
  • List of all medical appointments currently scheduled
  • Records of your diagnosis
  • List of medications

Job and financial history

List every job you’ve ever had. Don’t leave anything out even if you had the job for a short time. In addition, your income statements must match your history of tax filings, so include every income source. If your financial history doesn’t match your tax history, you need to determine how the discrepancy occurred and fix it.

Little details

You’d be surprised how small mistakes can thwart SSD applications. If someone’s application leaves a digit out of their Social Security number or employer ID, that tiny oversight might invalidate the whole effort.

Scan your application for other mistakes, too. Sometimes, a typo changes the entire meaning of a sentence. The person reading your application might reject it if they misunderstand what you’re trying to say.

Keep trying

The process of applying for SSD can be stressful, and most people encounter roadblocks. If the roadblocks are overwhelming, you might benefit from contacting a lawyer with experience in Social Security Disability applications and appeals.