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Injuries that many car accident victims sustain

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2020 | motor vehicle accidents

Car accident injuries will vary in terms of where the body is affected and how seriously. Ohio drivers should know that approximately 7,000 people are injured every day in car crashes. They should also be aware of the most common injuries that arise.

Head, face and neck injuries

The impact of a crash can easily send occupants’ heads into the window, windshield, steering wheel or roof. This can lead to a traumatic brain injury, which can be characterized by nausea, headaches and neck pain. TBI symptoms are notorious for appearing after a delay, sometimes a delay of weeks. With head trauma may come facial injuries: bruises, cuts, broken teeth and broken facial bones, for instance.

Neck injuries, in particular whiplash, are frequently reported. Whiplash refers to the stretching or tearing of neck muscles and occurs when the neck is violently snapped back and forth, such as in a rear-end collision. Victims may dislocate the vertebrae in their neck, too.

Injuring the collarbone, rib and internal organs

Sometimes, the seatbelt can contribute to injuries. If worn incorrectly, for example, the belt may damage the internal organs and cause internal bleeding. Even when worn correctly, the shoulder belt may press against the collarbone or compress the ribs. Lastly, a word should be said about the psychological impact that crashes can have with some victims developing anxiety or PTSD.

Crash victims may speak with an attorney

If a negligent driver collided with you and left you dealing with any of the serious injuries mentioned above, you may have good grounds for a personal injury claim. In this state, plaintiffs can recover damages as long as their degree of fault does not exceed the defendant’s. This does not guarantee that the other side will agree to the settlement you desire, though, so you may want to consult with an attorney.