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Reckless driving can result in criminal charges

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2020 | Firm News

Improved infrastructure, an increasing number of vehicles and greater demand for goods mean there are more automobiles on Ohio roadways than ever before. Despite improved safety features and high-tech materials used, there are still thousands of crashes that result in injuries and fatalities. We often represent clients charged with negligence while behind the wheel. 

According to The News Wheel, speeding is a common form of reckless driving. It is also a significant cause of car accidents. Whether you travel 5 mph or 20 mph over the speed limit, it can result in a crash. State and local officials set travel speeds on highways, secondary roads and surface streets. 

Road conditions, sweeping curves, sharp turns and typical traffic patterns are factors that contribute to the posted speed. Traveling faster than the limits may result in a citation. However, speeding is not the only issue that can result in charges. 

Cutting people off  

Pulling in front of another vehicle, without leaving ample space between you can have deadly consequences. Rear-end collisions not only cause serious injuries but can also result in road rage, which may lead to further reckless or aggressive behavior. 


Minor fender-benders are often the result of following another vehicle too closely on surface streets. However, when done at highway speeds, tailgating can have devastating effects. You may not have enough time for evasive action if the car ahead of you brakes. A sharp turn at high speeds can cause you to swerve uncontrollably and possibly hit another vehicle. 

Passing illegally and running red lights are additional types of reckless driving. If law enforcement pulls you over and tickets you, it could ultimately result in jail time, costly fines and a suspended or revoked driver’s license. Visit our webpage for more information on this topic.