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How long do I have to change an SSI decision?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2020 | social security disability

In general, you would have 60 days to appeal a supplemental security income decision. This period starts from the day you receive your written notice from the Social Security Administration.

Before continuing, you should know is that every case is different. Please do not let any of the information in this article dissuade you from pursuing the social security disability benefits you need. With that in mind, please read on for more details.

As explained on the SSA website, the decision you get in writing from the SSA is your initial determination. One of the reasons they call it “initial” is because you may have the opportunity to change it.

Please note that it would probably be in your best interest to act as quickly as possible. In some cases, you could continue to receive your benefits while the SSA considered your appeal — if you act within 10 days of receiving your initial determination.

Not everyone would be eligible for these continued benefits. You could probably determine your eligibility by checking the details of the letter that the SSA sent you.

Unfortunately, while the SSA is willing to review its own work and uncover any mistakes, it is typically not very forgiving of mistakes you might make during your appeals process. You would have to submit the correct forms, completed without error, to qualify for an appeal in the majority of cases.

Depending on the decisions you make earlier on in the process, and depending on the reactions of the SSA to any appeals you make, your process could become relatively complicated. You will probably need to know the possible consequences of each of your choices in order to secure the most beneficial results.