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How do traumatic brain injuries affect personality?

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2020 | personal injury

When Ohio residents get into crashes, traumatic brain injuries may follow. These injuries, also called TBIs, impact many areas of a victim’s life. Media and professionals discuss the physical side effects often. But what about other effects? For example, how do TBIs affect a person on a mental level? Today we will answer this question.

Mayo Clinic looks at symptoms related to traumatic brain injury. The more severe the injury is, the more blatant the symptoms often are. In TBI victims, symptoms sometimes manifest in different ways. One person with a TBI may suffer from frequent and debilitating migraines. Another may have vision loss. But there are also similarities in the most common TBI symptoms. When it comes to how it affects the personality, here are some common symptoms:

  • The victim is more irritable or easy to agitate
  • They are quick to anger even if they were not before the injury
  • They tend to lash out at others
  • Their temper and mood swings are hard to predict
  • They act out against loved ones

If the frontal brain suffered injury, it affects a victim’s ability to self-regulate. Without this ability, they cannot control their frustrations over their injury. This results in a vicious cycle of the victim getting angry and lashing out. Hurting their loved ones sometimes causes these people to draw away or retaliate. This hurts the victim further.

Tending to a TBI victim is complex and often painful for this reason. Understanding how brain injuries affect personality is crucial. It is often the first step in being able to handle the situation.