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Busy roadway welcomes the new year with record number of crashes

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2020 | motor vehicle accidents

The new year in Ohio falls during winter when bad road conditions are commonplace. However, this year, Ohio has been seeing a warmer than usual winter. Unfortunately, the state continues to see normal precipitation. So, instead of snowy and icy roadways, drivers are dealing with rain covered roadways, which can be just as slippery.

On January 3, a stretch of I-75 suffered multiple accidents due to the wet roads. There were more than 15 individual accidents that day in an area that normally sees only three or four accidents in a whole day.

The first accident of the day set the tone for the issues that law enforcement would see throughout the remainder of this Friday. It was set off by a jackknifed semi truck. Soon there were three more semis and two passenger vehicles in the accident. It shut down I-75 for a few hours right at morning rush hour. Other accidents throughout the day also led to back-ups and temporary shutdowns on this busy roadway.

Law enforcement said slick roads from the ongoing rain were to partially blame for the number of accidents. The increase in issues on the road led to officials issuing warnings to drivers to slow down. They also noted that drivers should prepare for road conditions and ensure they check their tire pressure for optimal traction.

All drivers should pay attention to this solid advice if they wish to avoid accidents in adverse weather. Anything that makes roads slippery, rain or snow, can be a recipe for a serious accident.

Source: WCPO