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Can a new system stop wrong way crashes?

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2019 | motor vehicle accidents

Wrong way crashes are often in the news in Ohio. Unfortunately, such stories usually end in tragedy as wrong way drivers typically are not clear of mind and speed as they rush against traffic, which leads to serious injuries when a crash occurs. Legislatures and law enforcement work hard to try to find ways to stop this from happening.

The Cincinnati Enquirer explains that I-71, which is one of the busiest roadways in the state, is getting devices to help detect wrong way drivers in Hamilton County. These devices serve several purposes with the main goal being to stop people from entering the roadway in the wrong direction while also alerting law enforcement to hopefully prevent crashes.

Alerting the driver

The first line of defense for these devices is a series of flashing lights and signs that illuminate the minute it detects a wrong way driver. LED lights start to flash, and drivers will also see bright signs indicating they are going the wrong way and should not enter the road at this location.

Second layer of protection

To ensure that any driver who tries to enter the roadway or succeeds in entering the roadway does not get too far, the device will also send a signal directly to law enforcement that there is an issue. It provides the location and ensures that they know as soon as possible about the potentially dangerous situation.

Covering a lot of ground

Not only is the county getting these devices, but also they are getting them all down I-71 to the Warren County line. This covers 23 ramps accessing the interstate.

These devices could help to save many lives. They are something this particular area needs due to the number of wrong way drivers and others who these devices may prevent from causing accidents.