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Important work history requirements for disability benefits

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2018 | Firm News, social security disability

There are different components of qualifying for Social Security disability that it is important to be familiar with. Social Security disability benefits can be challenging to obtain which is why disabled individuals in need of them should be familiar with the application process and what it requires.

To begin with, an individual applying for disability benefits must meet the definition of a disability provided by the Social Security Administration. This definition requires that they suffer from a medical condition that is severe enough that it prevents them from working. In addition, it must be expected that this medical condition with either last for at least 12 months or lead to the individual’s death. There is a list of conditions provided by the SSA and those individuals with these ailments may qualify for disability. Applicants can provide their medical records to establish their medical condition and disability.

Work history requirements must also be met for the disabled individual to qualify for disability benefits. Work history requirements include that the disabled individual worked recently enough and for a long enough time period in a Social Security job. Social Security work credits can be earned through self-employment income or the yearly wages of the disabled individual. Up to four credits can be earned annually and the amount needed to earn them varies from year-to-year. Whether the number of work credits will qualify for disability benefits varies and is based on when the disabled individual became disabled and at what age.

Because of the complexities associated with qualifying for disability benefits, and the need many disabled applicants find themselves in, it is important to be as familiar with the process as possible. Understanding the process, and how to qualify, can give disabled individuals the best opportunity to obtain the badly-needed benefits.