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Do you lose SSD benefits if you start working again?

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2018 | Firm News, social security disability

One of the common misconceptions about Ohio residents who receive Social Security Disability benefits is that they no longer want to work and would rather enjoy living off SSD benefits. However, this could not be farther from the truth. Recipients become eligible for SSD benefits only after going through a stringent screening process in which they must prove that they not only have a disability, but also that they have an inability to work due to the disability, for at least a year. SSD benefits are not enough to live in splendor, which is why the Social Security Administration has various programs to encourage people to attempt to return to the workforce.

It could be true that many recipients hesitate to return to work because they are not sure they could keep up with their employment responsibilities and are afraid to lose their benefits in the process. However, the SSA assigns a trial period to recipients. During these nine months, recipients can work and continue to receive their SSD benefits, adjusted only to the amount being received as a monthly salary. If someone finds they are unable to keep working during this time, they don’t need to go through the application process again. They will simply be placed back on the program they already were on.

There is also an extended period of eligibility for those who return back to work. Eligibility can continue for the month benefits end and also the next two months. Additionally, when SSD benefits are supposed to end, they do not simply finish. The SSA can pay benefits for not only the month the benefits will end in, but also the next two months.

Although the SSA encourages people to return to work, it also continues to provide a safety net to those who do decide to take that important step. It is important to keep the SSA abreast of changes that are taking place with a disability and work situation to attempt to make sure recipients take the steps they need to so that they don’t lose their eligibility.