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9 foods you should never eat in the car

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2018 | Firm News

The distracted driving discussion has really grown in the past decade, and much of it focuses on smartphones. It is clear that, as people became more and more attached to their phones, they started to pose a risk on the road. Accidents happen when drivers start texting, talking, browsing the Internet, posting pictures and much more.

However, as much as these distractions deserve our attention, it is important to remember that far more than cellphones can distract people from the road. Engaging in any activity but driving is potentially risky.

Drive-thru culture

One issue with American culture is that we are constantly on the go. We are in a hurry. It always feels like that next deadline is rushing up, like we’re going to be late to that next meeting. People schedule out their days, weeks and months, and then they work very hard to stick to that schedule.

Often, being on time means multitasking. Instead of drinking coffee at home before work, people run out their door and grab a cup of coffee on the way to work. Instead of getting home and making dinner, they leave work late and grab something at the drive-thru during their commute. It is fast and easy.

It is not necessarily safe. Eating anything while driving is dangerous, but below are nine foods you should really avoid:

  1. Fried chicken or other fried food: The grease gets on your hands and makes it hard to hold the wheel.
  2. Jelly donuts: When the jelly oozes out, you may instinctively look down to protect against a spill — especially on the way to work.
  3. Anything with barbecue sauce: Again, gripping the wheel gets difficult in a hurry.
  4. Coffee: The danger is that spilling hot liquid on yourself can quickly cause a car accident as you react on instinct.
  5. Soup and chili: Again, the risk here is the temperature and how easy it is to spill. Plus, you need both hands to eat.
  6. Soft drinks: Along with spill risks, you can’t see as you tip your head back near the end of the bottle.
  7. Tacos: They just fall apart too easily, even when you’re careful.
  8. Chocolate: Chocolate melts in a hot car. It may make a great road-trip snack, but it makes your hands slick.
  9. Hamburgers: As with fried food, the grease is the real issue. You need both hands firmly on the wheel to remain in control.

As you can see from this list, plenty of other foods fit the bill as well. The real danger isn’t just in these nine examples, but they help you understand how problematic eating and driving can be. If a distracted driver hits you, make sure you know what rights you have.