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Hypoxia during delivery can lead to long-term health problems

On Behalf of | May 25, 2018 | Firm News, personal injury

The birth of a child is a celebrated event in the lives of Cincinnati parents. Many parents-to-be spend months preparing for the arrival of their new baby and spend time and money ensuring that everything is just right. While many newborns come into the world without any complications, some babies are not so lucky and suffer serious birth injuries during the labor and delivery process.

One serious birth issue that can arise is hypoxia. Hypoxia happens when a baby does not receive enough oxygen. This can happen before and during the delivery process.

There are a number of conditions present during pregnancy that may suggest the potential for hypoxia during the birthing process. For example, damage or issues with the baby’s umbilical cord may cause the child to suffer a lack of oxygen while they are still in utero. Additionally, infections and congenital diseases can result in hypoxia for children who suffer these maladies before making their way into the world.

Serious hypoxia can cause a baby to suffer permanent and irreversible brain damage. Brain injuries can affect a person’s cognition, mobility, and many other important functions.

Childbirth is inherently risky for mother and child alike, and not all birth injuries are avoidable. However, professional standards dictate that doctors can and should look for signs of hypoxia in babies whose deliveries suggest possible trauma. Doctors who do not check for these signs are falling short of professional standards. If their failure to provide care that is up to professional standards results in injury to the patient, the doctors may be found to have committed medical malpractice.

Parents who fear that their children may have suffered detrimental birth injuries during labor and delivery are encouraged to contact personal injury attorneys to learn more about their options under the law.