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Social Security Disability benefits for mental conditions

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2018 | Firm News, social security disability

When most Cincinnati residents think of someone who is receiving Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, they likely think in terms of a physical disability. However, individuals who suffer from mental conditions can also receive SSD benefits.

A mental condition can be just as debilitating for an individual as a physical impairment. A person may work for years, holding down a regular job, only to learn later in life that they have a mental health condition that has impaired their ability to function. Schizophrenia, for instance, is a mental condition that a person can suffer from for years before it is ever diagnosed.

Other mental health conditions can also be classified as disabilities by the Social Security Administration. Depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and personality disorders are all examples of mental health conditions that the SSA may approve for SSD benefits.

To qualify for SSD benefits for a mental health condition, applicants will need to provide just as much verification as a person with a physical disability. And, applicants will still need to show that they have the requisite amount of work credits to qualify for SSD benefits as well. The application process can be tricky, so any Cincinnati residents who are suffering from a mental health condition and are thinking of applying for SSD benefits may need to get more information about their own unique circumstances. Making sure that the initial application is complete and comprehensive is a crucial first step.

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