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April 2018 Archives

Step by step through the workers' compensation process

When Cincinnati residents suffer an injury at work, it can be a difficult problem to overcome. Injured individuals may worry that they won't be able to earn an income while they are recovering, and they might also be worried about their relationship with their employer. But, fortunately, the workers' compensation system is in place in Ohio to help these injured workers.

Social Security Disability benefits for mental conditions

When most Cincinnati residents think of someone who is receiving Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, they likely think in terms of a physical disability. However, individuals who suffer from mental conditions can also receive SSD benefits.

A personal injury lawsuit can help victims take control

A sudden injury suffered in an accident can impact a Cincinnati resident's life in innumerable ways. First, there is the physical pain and discomfort of the injury, which must be addressed by medical treatment. That medical treatment can be a huge financial burden - one that many people simply aren't prepared for. And then, after the injury victim leaves the hospital, there is often a struggle to return to normal life.

Hit-and-run case ends in guilty plea

Our readers in Cincinnati may remember seeing a tragic news story about a 74-year-old high school teacher who was struck by a vehicle while volunteering to clean up debris and leaves on the side of a road. The teacher died as a result of the injuries he suffered in the accident, and, to make matters worse, the driver fled the scene.

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