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What is the SSD “Disability Determination Process?”

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2018 | Firm News, social security disability

Ohio residents who are injured or ill and cannot work may be eligible to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance. However, in doing so, these individuals will need to go through the Social Security Administration’s Disability Determination Process. So, what is the “Disability Determination Process?”

Well, for starters, an Ohio resident’s application for SSD benefits will usually be directed to a Disability Determination Service office in-state. This will be the first opportunity for employees with the Social Security Administration to review the application. In the initial application, the applicant is obligated to provide very specific information about the disability in question, as well as information about the applicant’s prior work history. The initial steps of the process check the very basic requirements for approval for SSD benefits.

After a review of the application materials, complete applications will be forwarded in the Disability Determination Process to make a determination about the applicant’s eligibility. In some cases, this will involve the further submission of information by the applicant to help make a determination. If an applicant is approved to receive SSD benefits, the next steps in the process are to determine the amount of monthly benefits to be paid, and then the applicant will begin receiving the monthly SSD benefits.

Unfortunately, as previous posts here have mentioned, not all applications for SSD benefits are approved. In fact, estimates are that approximately 60 percent of initial applications are denied. Ohio residents who have questions about the Disability Determination Process and how to submit an application with the best chances of being approved may need to get more information about their unique medical condition and work history.