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Getting injured in an Ohio casino

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2018 | blog, Firm News

Many folks like to visit casinos for their enjoyment and entertainment. As such, they aren’t often considered to be places where people get injured. However, with bad lighting, worn carpets and a host of other hazards, countless people in Ohio are injured in casinos each year.

When it comes to the law, casinos are treated like any other type of premises — whether its a shop, restaurant or movie theatre. All premises such as these have the responsibility to create a safe environment for all of their visitors, and they must do whatever is reasonable to keep it safe and prevent dangers from arising.

Can I make a claim against a casino if I get hurt?

Making a successful injury claim against a casino does not necessarily depend on the type of injury that you suffered. A successful claim relies on showing that the actions of the casino failed to create and maintain a safe environment for its guests.

Common injuries that can be attributed to a casino’s negligence include:

  • Food poisoning
  • Tripping on carpets
  • Hazards on the casino floor
  • Falling down stairs that were improperly maintained
  • Slipping on wet floors
  • Being over-served alcohol (resulting in unintended excessive intoxication)
  • Injuries due to poor lighting

What do I need to prove in order to ensure that my claim is successful?

You must be able to prove that the injury you suffered was a direct result of the casino’s failure to fulfill their responsibilities. Their responsibilities include making sure that a reasonable amount of resources have been put in place in order to keep the premises safe.

For example, if a glass was broken on the casino floor by another guest, this has the potential to cause danger to patrons. The casino has the responsibility to employ enough staff so that dangers such as these can be identified and eliminated within minutes. If a danger such as this was not eliminated and a guest cut their foot as a result, the casino could be liable in a personal injury claim.

If you have been injured in an Ohio casino, it is important to take action immediately so that you can recoup damages in relation to your suffering.