Most people have a fairly general idea of what the workers’ compensation system is and what it does. But, do workers in Ohio know their rights when they are injured on the job?

For starters, workers have rights that are in place to, hopefully, prevent on-the-job injuries and illnesses. Workers have the right to expect that their employers will provide a work environment that is free from dangerous property conditions and potential environmental threats. But, we all know that “accidents happen.” Workers have rights once they are injured, as well.

Workers who are injured on the job in Ohio have the right to pursue a claim with the Ohio workers’ compensation system. Injured workers have the right to receive medical treatment for the injury they suffered, as well as the right to have associated medical expenses paid. Injured workers have the right to expect that they will be able to access their records easily and in a timely fashion, and they can expect to receive their workers’ compensation payments in a timely manner as well.

Even if the initial workers’ compensation claim is denied, the injured worker still has rights. For instance, workers have the right to appeal the decision, as well as the right to have an attorney represent them throughout the appeals process. In all, injured workers in Ohio have quite a few rights – but it is important to seek more information to learn about these rights and the options they present for injured workers in Ohio.