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Pictures might help a car accident injury claim

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2018 | blog, Firm News

Collecting evidence after a car crash is something that many people think the police officers will do. While this is true to some extent, you can take pictures and gather other information while you are at the scene of the crash.

You should only try to take pictures of the crash scene if it is safe for you to do so. Obviously, you might not be able to get pictures of the scene if you are injured or if the crash occurred in a very busy location. If you are are able to take some pictures, consider these tips:

The vehicles

Try to take a picture of the vehicles, namely the damage that was done to them. This can help to indicate what type of accident occurred because it shows exactly where the damage occurred. Take close up pictures as well as pictures from farther away.

The scene around the accident

The scene around the accident is also important. Try to take pictures of where the vehicles landed after the crash and what is around them. Don’t focus on only one point of view. Take pictures from different angles. This may help to put things into perspective as you fight for compensation after the car accident.

The vital information

Getting the contact information for the driver who struck you is something you should do. One easy way to do this is to just snap a picture of the insurance cards, driver’s license and license plate of the vehicle. It might be a good idea to snap a few pictures of the people who were involved in the crash just in case you need to refer to those pictures as you identify people involved.

The injuries and impacts

Take pictures of the injuries you suffer if there are external signs of the injury. Don’t limit yourself to only one picture of each injury. It might help to take a few pictures over the course of a few days since injuries might change over time. You might ask the doctor or other medical professionals who care for you to get some pictures of the injuries.

Remember that taking pictures is only one part of the evidence you need if you plan on seeking compensation. Other evidence that might come into the picture include police reports, medical records, witness statements and similar items.