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Alcohol consumption may be involved in hit-and-run incident

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2017 | Firm News, motor vehicle accidents

By now, every driver knows that getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking alcohol is a bad idea. Not only could such behavior result in criminal charges, it could also lead to motor vehicle accidents that could leave someone else injured, or even result in death. Unfortunately, the latter was the result in an alleged hit-and-run incident that occurred in nearby Warren County.

According to the reports, an 18-year-old man was walking down the road on November 23 in Warren County when he was struck by a car. The young man died as a result of the collision. To make matters worse, the driver who was involved in this auto-pedestrian collision reportedly fled the scene. Fortunately, the driver was later located at his residence in the next county over, Montgomery County.

The reports indicate that the Ohio State Highway Patrol is conducting the investigation of this incident. The early reports state that law enforcement officials believe that alcohol consumption may have played a role in this deadly accident.

Any type of collision between a vehicle and a pedestrian is not likely to end well for the pedestrian involved. These types of accidents can leave a pedestrian with significant injuries, often necessitating weeks or even months of medical treatment and rehabilitation. Or, as seen in this recent incident in Ohio, the worst-case result can be a fatality. Anyone who has been injured in an auto-pedestrian accident may need to review their potential legal options in order to attempt to pursue financial compensation from the liable party.

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