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November 2017 Archives

Alcohol consumption may be involved in hit-and-run incident

By now, every driver knows that getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking alcohol is a bad idea. Not only could such behavior result in criminal charges, it could also lead to motor vehicle accidents that could leave someone else injured, or even result in death. Unfortunately, the latter was the result in an alleged hit-and-run incident that occurred in nearby Warren County.

Facing the aftermath of a sudden injury

Nobody plans to be injured in an accident. But the reality is that accidents happen, as the saying goes. For Ohio residents, it could be a car accident, an animal bite, a slip-and-fall accident or even medical malpractice, among many other causes. When accidents do occur, the victims are left to try to face the aftermath.

How common are injuries in recreational vehicle accidents?

Most people in Ohio have seen the results of a car wreck on the side of the road. These accidents can range from simple fender-benders to more serious crashes involving severe injuries. And car accidents have all kinds of causes. But what about accidents involving recreational vehicles? How often do these types of crashes occur, and how often do injuries occur in these accidents?

Winter storms can lead to increased risk for serious car crashes

The holiday season is fast approaching, and people everywhere are already starting to prepare for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. There's another kind of preparation you can undertake at this time of year that is quite important. It's time to start planning for safety on winter roads. Crashes and resulting injuries and fatalities often increase during inclement weather. Knowing that there are risks can help you take steps to protect yourself on the road.

Work credits and Social Security Disability benefits

Anyone who has ever applied for Social Security Disability benefits could tell our readers that, in many cases, there is quite a bit that goes into the application process. Of course, that makes sense, when you think about it - applicants are seeking a long-term financial benefit from the federal government, and it is important to ensure that these financial resources go to those who need and deserve them. But if you have been paying into the system and you truly have a disabling medical condition, there is a good chance that your application will be approved.

You have the right to appeal a workers' compensation denial

You've worked for years, perhaps giving your employer the best years of your life. Whether you've been with a company for two weeks or twenty years, you deserve protection from job site injuries. Although certain industries, including construction and delivery driving, have higher risks for work-related injuries, anyone can sustain a work injury. Office workers, teachers and even sales clerks in a retail setting could end up severely injured in the course of doing their jobs.

Slip-and-fall injuries are more serious than people may think

Popular culture and modern media would have you believe that a slip-and-fall accident is something to laugh at and not worry about. In reality, slip-and-fall accidents pose a serious threat to the well-being of people of all ages, from children to the elderly. In fact, more than a million people every year end up seeking treatment at emergency rooms in the United States for injuries related to slip-and-fall injuries.

Those receiving SSD benefits can use the "Ticket to Work" program

There is quite a bit of a negative perception out there today about people who receive Social Security Disability benefits. The news media doesn't exactly shed the best light on this important financial safety net, and politicians can be overly broad and biting in their critique of the program and how the Social Security Administration runs it. But the fact is that many people who are receiving SSD benefits view the arrangement as temporary - they want to get back to work as soon as possible.

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