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Know the basics about Social Security Disability benefits

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2017 | Firm News, social security disability

Millions of Americans currently receive Social Security Disability benefits. Millions more will need to apply for SSD benefits in the years to come. But still more people really don’t know the basics about Social Security Disability benefits: Who is eligible for SSD benefits? How do you apply for benefits? And what needs to be submitted to the Social Security Administration when applying for SSD benefits?

Well, first and foremost, not everyone who applies for SSD benefits will be approved. According to the Social Security Administration, applicants are considered to be “disabled” if their medical condition is expected to last for 12 months or more – or result in death – and they are unable to maintain gainful employment because of the medical condition.

Next, like most things these days, Ohio residents can submit their applications for SSD benefits online. However, if applicants prefer to submit their applications in person or through the mail, this is still acceptable as well. Lastly, it is extremely important for applicants to include the right information when submitting an application for SSD benefits to the Social Security Administration. Applicants will not only need to provide verification of their work history, they will also need to provide detailed medical records that show the nature of the physical or mental health condition and how that condition limits them to the point of disability.

From there, the application for benefits will receive careful scrutiny from the Social Security Administration. But as many people know, about 60 percent of applications for SSD benefits are denied. Many applicants benefit from getting more legal information about the application and evaluation process.

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