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Understanding the law regarding animal attacks

As much as pets are loved throughout the United States, including many families and around the Cincinnati, Ohio, area, pets are animals, and sometimes it is difficult to predict the actions of animals. Animals rely on instincts to survive, and may act out aggressively if they feel threatened or harmed. This could lead to animal attacks.

In the United States, the courts understand that not all pets are the same and have created different standards, depending on the species of the pet in question. Depending upon the state where the attack occurred, a victim may have to work through "dog bite laws" where there is a determined strict liability for a dog owner, or in states without such a law, a victim must prove that the owner knew that the animal was considered vicious and could potentially attack someone.

The courts consider wild animals to be inherently dangerous and therefore they are subjected to stricter liability laws. There is more risk involved for a pet owner who has a wild animal.

There are also instances where an injured victim may be denied compensation. This could include instances of trespassing or if it can be proven that the victim provoked the animal into attacking.

If you have been the victim of an animal attack, you may want to reach out to a personal injury attorney to learn how to proceed. As we have highlighted, the laws regarding animal attacks is often complex. Having a strong legal team at your side could make a significant difference in the courts when it comes to obtaining the compensation you deserve.

Source:, "Dog Bites and Animal Attacks," Accessed on July 6, 2017

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