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Fidget spinners and car seats: Recent safety warnings for parents

On Behalf of | May 31, 2017 | blog, Firm News

Most parents won’t take chances with anything that could harm their children. Yet, parents do this without knowing it because some companies sell items that can harm the children. Products with defects and products that are just unsafe can make it to market.

When these unsafe products hit the market, the children who use them might suffer harm. There are two products on the market right now that parents should be aware of.

A car seat recall

Many parents do a lot of research about which car seat they are going to use for their children. A recent release of a pending recall of the Graco My Ride 65 car seat likely has many parents concerned about how the child will remain safe in the vehicle. The recall covers 25,000 car seats. The defect is in webbing of the straps. The webbing might not hold the child in place when the vehicle is in a crash. This means that he or she isn’t restrained and could go flying when a crash occurs.

These car seats retail for $119 to $199. Interestingly, this recall hasn’t officially started yet. It is expected to start on July 17, which means that children will continue to be in the possibly dangerous seats for more than another month and a half.

Parents who purchased this car seat can contact Graco for a replacement harness. Until the harness comes in, parents are faced with a tough decision about what to do. They will either have to allow the child to continue to ride in the car seat and hope for the best, keep the child at home until the new harness is installed, or purchase an entire new car seat.

Fidget spinner concerns

Fidget spinners haven’t been recalled, but news media recently reported two cases of children going to the hospital when they choked on a bearing from the spinner that came loose. One of these children had to have the piece of the fidget spinner surgically removed. This should be a stark warning for parents who allow their children to play with these popular toys.

For parents who are dealing with a child who was injured by an unsafe toy, deciding what to do can be a challenge. You have the right to seek compensation for the injuries your child suffered and the related damages that you are having to deal with because of the injury.