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Ohio State freshman struck and killed by vehicle in Cincinnati

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2017 | Firm News, motor vehicle accidents

Unfortunately, accidents can happen at any time and for any number of reasons. Motor vehicles are often the culprit of numerous serious accidents in Ohio and other states across the nation. A negligent driver might be distracted, intoxicated or under the influence of a substance at the time of a motor vehicle accident. However, nothing is as disturbing and emotional as a driver acting under malicious intentions when causing a car accident.

This is what presumably occurred in a pedestrian-car accident in Cincinnati. The accident occurred across the street from the Aronoff Center. An 18-year-old Ohio State freshman was struck and dragged by a vehicle; police suspect that the accident was deliberate. She was hospitalized with severe injuries; sadly, she died five days later.

Based on the preliminary investigation, it is claimed that the victim and another female or group of females had an altercation outside of a local night club establishment. Detectives have since reviewed surveillance and interviewed the driver of the vehicle. Authorities anticipate filing criminal charges related to the incident.

Following a fatal accident, it is important to understand all the factors and circumstances surrounding the incident. It can be challenging for loved ones to confront the investigation process because it is such an emotional time, but this is the only way they can fully understand what happened. In addition to a criminal investigation, it may be possible to file a civil suit that is more geared towards recovering financial compensation from the loss. No financial reward can replace a person, but it may help provide the money necessary to reduce worry about the financial burdens caused by the unfortunate loss of life.

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