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Man suffers serious injuries in vehicle-pedestrian accident

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2017 | Firm News, motor vehicle accidents

A terrifying and dangerous situation played out in West Price Hill recently when a man was struck and injured by an impaired driver. The victim of the accident was outside his place of work and performing maintenance on a vehicle when the accident occurred. According to law enforcement officials, the driver of the moving vehicle lost control of his car and struck the victim and the vehicle he was working on.

The victim was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center where he was last reported to be in critical condition. The negligent driver was found to be impaired at the time of the crash and speed may have contributed to the dangerous collision. The driver did not suffer injuries in the crash and law enforcement officials are still looking into how this disturbing incident happened.

Car accidents caused by drunk drivers, drugged drivers, and drivers suffering from other impairments are devastating because they generally are preventable. The negligence exhibited by those who drink or use drugs and then drive can result in them facing criminal charges as well as civil liability for the harm they caused their victims.

The victim of this heartbreaking pedestrian accident may choose to pursue his legal rights once he is able to grasp the full scale of the damages he has suffered. Victims of motor vehicle accidents can find themselves financially struggling as their medical bills flood in and their wages drop as they convalesce. Personal injury lawsuits based on negligence and recklessness can help victims secure the compensation they need to move their lives forward after enduring the pain and suffering of surviving a vehicle or pedestrian accident.

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