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Social Security Disability and retirement benefits

Approximately one in six Americans collect some form of Social Security each month. In addition to retirement benefits, the Social Security Administration offers other benefits, such as Social Security Disability insurance. For recipients, understanding and selecting the proper benefit program may be important for financial security.

Ohio retirement benefits are received by more than 70 percent of recipients. For eligibility, recipients must be over 62, earned at least 40 work credits and earned four of these credits annually. The benefit amount depends on age and the average of a recipient's 35 highest-earning years of work.

Ride-sharing service deals with sexual assault

Ride-sharing services have grown dramatically. It was reasonably foreseeable that personal injury cases involving these services would involve car accidents. Earlier this year, however, CNN disclosed a report indicating that over 100 Uber drivers were accused of sexual abuse or assault.

Nine members of Congress have now posed questions to rideshare companies concerning their practices on sexual assault or harassment and their training on other safety issues. Their inquiries were also directed to Lyft, Juno, Curb and Via.

Amusement park injuries are often unreported

Ohio's amusement parks are known for fun, but its attractions can also cause injuries. Unfortunately, filing a personal injury lawsuit faces obstacles because government agencies do not receive comprehensive reports on injuries suffered at these parks. Lack of transparency also limits public accountability for negligence or unsafe rides.

Because parks usually employ their own private police and paramedics, they can restrict access to information on accidents and who was treated for injuries. The state's Department of Agriculture requires amusement parks to disclose an incident within one day, if it led to an overnight stay in a hospital. However, a review of reports from the last five years reveal deficiencies because information did not describe how the ride operates, such as dizziness, elevated heart levels and heart attacks.

Know your rights after an animal attack

It is not uncommon for Cincinnati residents to keep pets in their homes. In fact, dogs are among the most popular pets due, in part, to the animals' generally balanced demeanors and loyalty. However, even the calmest dog can turn violent if it feels threatened and when dogs attack the results can be tragic.

News stories from across the country often tell the tales of horrific injuries and even deaths sustained by victims of dog attacks. While, in some cases, the victims of dog attacks may have, in some way, provoked the animals to pursue them, many dog attacks are unprovoked and completely unexpected. While the victim of a dog bite may endure pain, suffering and other long-term damages from their ordeal, they should also know that they have rights when it comes to recovering their losses.

Hypoxia during delivery can lead to long-term health problems

The birth of a child is a celebrated event in the lives of Cincinnati parents. Many parents-to-be spend months preparing for the arrival of their new baby and spend time and money ensuring that everything is just right. While many newborns come into the world without any complications, some babies are not so lucky and suffer serious birth injuries during the labor and delivery process.

One serious birth issue that can arise is hypoxia. Hypoxia happens when a baby does not receive enough oxygen. This can happen before and during the delivery process.

Fatigue and distractions: 2 causes of semitruck crashes

Semitrucks are very large and heavy. They must be handled properly so that everyone on the roads around them can remain safe. When you are on the road with these vehicles, you are essentially putting your trust in the men and women who are operating them.

There are many things that can lead to a semitruck crash. Two risks are distractions and fatigue. It is imperative that trucking companies have guidelines for their drivers that make it clear that they must avoid distractions and fatigue while behind the wheel. Here are some important points to know about these two causes of crashes:

How can you prove your disability to the SSA?

Cincinnati residents who have become disabled and are unable to work will likely consider applying to the Social Security Administration to be approved to receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. However, some may be deterred by what they perceive to be a difficult application process - one in which an estimated 60 percent of applicants for SSD benefits are denied. But, with the right approach and the right information at hand, applicants can get through the process successfully.

One of the first steps in the application process is to prove to the Social Security Administration that the disability in question is, in fact, a severe limitation - severe enough to prevent the applicant from working. So, how can you prove your disability to the SSA?

Study finds cellphone use while driving is prevalent

Many people in Cincinnati probably scoff when they see drivers on their cellphones, thinking of how dangerous this activity is. However, a recent report suggests that this type of distracted driving is probably far more prevalent than most people would care to admit.

According to a recent report, a study conducted by Zendrive, an analytics company, led to the conclusion that almost nine out of every 10 people use a cellphone during any given car trip. The study was conducted over a three-month period and involved data from 3 million drivers. Of all the car trips tracked during this three-month period, the study concluded that a whopping 88 percent of drivers used their cellphone at least once.

What is the impact of drunk driving in America?

It should be pretty obvious to our readers in Ohio that drunk driving is a problem in America that doesn't seem to be going away. Despite decades of public awareness campaigns by both public and private entities, there are still thousands of Americans who get behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking too much alcohol. So, is it possible to calculate the impact of drunk driving in America?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the impact is devastating. In fact, the NHTSA statistics show that one person dies in a motor vehicle accident related to alcohol consumption every 50 minutes. At that rate, that equals 29 people per day dying in these car accidents.

Step by step through the workers' compensation process

When Cincinnati residents suffer an injury at work, it can be a difficult problem to overcome. Injured individuals may worry that they won't be able to earn an income while they are recovering, and they might also be worried about their relationship with their employer. But, fortunately, the workers' compensation system is in place in Ohio to help these injured workers.

However, the problem that many people may encounter is that the workers' compensation system is a highly detailed, step-by-step process. Injured workers will need to immediately notify their employer about the injury, and then seek medical treatment as soon as possible. From there, the application process for workers' compensation can begin.

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