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Can you pursue a legal claim after suffering a personal injury?

It is hard to plan for what you would do if you were suddenly the victim of an accident that caused you to suffer serious physical injuries. Yes, many people have health insurance, and anyone who drives a vehicle is supposed to have car insurance, but sometimes these insurance policies simply aren't enough to provide for all of the losses that an accident victim might face. So, what are the options for Ohio residents who find themselves in this type of situation? Is a legal claim a possibility?

Well, as with many legal questions, the initial answer is "it depends." In the case of a so-called "accident," there will, in fact, be a person, or a number of parties, at fault. For example, car accidents are one of the most common ways that Ohio residents and individuals throughout the country suffer serious injuries. Was the car accident someone else's fault? Was the driver who caused the accident distracted by their cellphone? Were they drunk? In these types of situations, there are any number of possibilities that could have led to the negligent action.

Applicants for SSD benefits must deal with backlog

Ohio residents are not likely to have heard many good things in the news in recent years about Social Security benefits in general, and Social Security Disability Insurance in particular. Most of the time the news is all "doom and gloom" about the potential availability of benefits. While not everything we hear on television or read in the news is completely accurate, our readers should know that there can be challenges to overcome when applying for SSD benefits.

For example, a recent article noted that many applicants face a backlog when their initial application is denied, and they appeal that decision. For some, the time it takes to wait for a hearing on an appeal can be enough to discourage them from even continuing with the SSD application process.

How common are auto-pedestrian accidents?

Spring is right around the corner and many Ohio residents are probably eagerly looking forward to getting back to doing some outdoor activities. For some, they may be looking forward to picking up their jogging routine again. For others, it may be as simple as wanting to take the dog for a walk without having to worry about winter weather. But, the unfortunate reality is that when people walk, jog or run alongside public roads, they may be putting themselves in danger.

How common are auto-pedestrian accidents? Who is most affected by these incidents? Well, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one auto-pedestrian fatality occurs approximately every 1.6 hours in America.

Keep children as the focal point of child custody cases

A child custody case has a lot of decisions that have to be made. When you and your ex share the children, you will have to work together to make these decisions. It won't always be easy, but keeping the children at the heart of the matter can make decisions a little less stressful.

There are times when it might seem easier to let your focus drift to what is the least desirable for your ex or the best for you. These thoughts are natural but they can make the co-parenting relationship more difficult than what it has to be. Consider the following ways make sure the kids remain your focus.

The inability to work is the key to SSD benefits

When many people think about the possibility of securing Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, they might be focused on their physical or mental health condition. Of course, the actual disability in question is important to the ultimate decision of whether or not an Ohio resident will receive SSD benefits. But, as a recent article pointed out, there is another crucial factor: the disability must be significant enough that the applicant is unable to maintain gainful employment.

After all, that is the whole point of SSD benefits: they are there for those who need them when they can no longer support themselves through employment, but they have worked enough of their lives to qualify for the requisite amount of work credits. SSD benefits are a so-called "safety net" for workers - they are not a government giveaway.

Exploring options when an injury is caused by a defective product

Most people don't think about it, but just walking out of your house each day can expose many people to danger. Car accidents, animal bites, pedestrian accidents and medical malpractice are all examples of danger that many people are exposed to on a regular basis. But, there is another danger that can cause just as serious of an injury for an Ohio resident: a defective product.

Our readers should think about just how many different products they handle each day. Vehicles, electronics, machinery - these are all areas in which different products can help make life easier. But, at the same time, there may be dangers lurking.

What types of workplace injuries are preventable?

Our readers in Ohio who are familiar with previous posts here know that workers who are injured on the job are, in general, entitled to workers' compensation benefits regardless of whether the accident in question was their fault or not - just so long as they didn't intentionally hurt themselves. But, no one wants to be injured on the job in the first place. Injuries and illnesses can keep employees from working for days, weeks or even months, all the while being unable to earn income.

So, what types of workplace injuries are the most preventable? Well, the National Safety Council created a "Top 10" list to help raise awareness of this very issue. The number one preventable injury? "Overexertion" injuries. These are injuries that occur when workers lift, push or pull items or objects incorrectly or that are too heavy, thus resulting in injury. Training on proper techniques is the recommended way to prevent these injuries.

Addressing problems with the SSD benefits application process

"Look before you leap" is a common expression our readers have likely heard before. This concept is perhaps never truer than when it comes to applying for Social Security Disability benefits. As many Cincinnati residents probably know, applying for SSD benefits can oftentimes be a complex initiative to undergo, requiring hours of research and careful attention to detail when filling out the application itself.

So, what do you do if you run into problems with the SSD benefits application process? What if you don't know which documents to include with your application? Or you don't know if your medical condition meets the federal definition of disability? What if you are unsure of how many work credits you have earned?

Pictures might help a car accident injury claim

Collecting evidence after a car crash is something that many people think the police officers will do. While this is true to some extent, you can take pictures and gather other information while you are at the scene of the crash.

You should only try to take pictures of the crash scene if it is safe for you to do so. Obviously, you might not be able to get pictures of the scene if you are injured or if the crash occurred in a very busy location. If you are are able to take some pictures, consider these tips:

Marine veteran hit by car while crossing street in a wheelchair

Most drivers in the Cincinnati area know that they need to be on the lookout for bicyclists, joggers and pedestrians when they are on the roadways. However, the unfortunate reality is that not all drivers are as careful as they should be. In some cases, this can result in pedestrian accidents that can lead to serious injuries.

According to a recent report, a Marine veteran of the Vietnam War was recently attempting to cross Martin Luther King Boulevard in his motorized wheelchair when he was struck by a car. The initial reports do not indicate whether or not the driver was cited for traffic violations or if the driver was otherwise negligent, but, in general, pedestrians have the right-of-way. As of January 19, the veteran remained hospitalized, where he is in a coma and suffers from a fractured hip and a broken pelvic bone.

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