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The safety concerns of the electric scooter phenomenon

A new transportation and recreation option, the rental electronic scooter, has been showing up in many U.S. cities. This includes here in Cincinnati. Such scooters have generated a fair amount of public excitement. They also, however, raise some safety issues.

There is the potential for accidents to occur with these scooters. Such accidents could injure riders. They could also leave others injured, such as in cases of scooters hitting pedestrians. 

6 tips for autumn driving in Ohio

The cooler temperatures and changing leaves mean that the fall months are here. Drivers in Cincinnati need to prepare for some adjustments on the road that must come with the new season. Taking steps to remain safe is something every driver must do.

When drivers aren't handling their duties in a safe manner, accidents occur. This means that innocent people can suffer from injuries and can end up with damaged vehicles. Even if you are following these safety tips, other drivers might not and you can be struck.

Lawsuit holds retailers responsible for murder

Retailers may be held legally responsible for merchandise that inflicts harm to others or for failure to take reasonable precautions. In a relatively unique personal injury lawsuit, the family of a man killed by his neighbor sued Cabela's and its parent company, Bass Pro Shop, for selling the murder weapon.

According to the lawsuit against one of the nation's retailers, the shooter called Cabela's in 2014 and asked to speak to someone in charge of the gun department. He then bought an 1858 Army .44 black powder revolver which was shipped to his home. He later purchased a black powder gun loading kit from Cabela's.

Teen drivers are at risk of being involved in crashes

Driving is risky for everyone because you are putting your life in the hands of others on the roads. For some drivers, the risks are increased because of simple and uncontrollable factors like age, gender and experience.

All drivers, regardless of these risk factors, should do what they can to remain safe on the roads. Knowing what extra risks teen drivers face empowers them and parents to be extra mindful and vigilant.

Marijuana-impaired driving is a great concern

Marijuana use and driving has grown substantially. This rising problem and the obstacles confronting law enforcement with its detection increase the danger of motor vehicle accidents.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that the number of drivers who tested positive for THC, the main psychoactive chemical in cannabis, rose from 8.6 to 12.6 percent between 2007 and 2014. This problem is becoming more challenging as more states are allowing recreational or medicinal use of marijuana. The Highway Loss Data Institute conducted a study and reported that the number of car accidents has increased in states that allow marijuana use.

When commercial truckers drive distracted, everyone loses

Certain factors can make your daily commute more dangerous. Most people like to mentally set aside the risk associated with driving a vehicle. However, every time you end up on the road, you face the potential risk of a crash that could leave you injured or even dead.

Circumstances have different amounts of risk that drivers must face. One of the biggest risks on the road these days, other than drunk driving, is distraction. Smartphone technology has made it easier than ever for people to find something beside the task at hand to focus on. You face extra risk whenever you share the road with a distracted driver. When the person driving distracted is in control of a commercial truck, you could end up in a severe collision.

Bird electric scooters cause crashes

The latest transportation app innovation, Bird electric scooters, has begun service in Cleveland and 32 other American cities. There are already reports of these scooters causing pedestrian accidents and other personal injury.

These devices can go up to 15 mph. Users locate the scooter, unlock it with their phone, drive it to their destination and then leave it. Users must be at least 18 and are supposed to ride in streets and bike lanes, park by bike racks and supply and wear their own helmet when required by law. The scooter company will furnish a free helmet for riders who pay for its shipping.

Food chain blamed for foodborne illness

Eating at a fast food restaurant that takes insufficient precautions may be the first step to a doctor's office or, ultimately, the courthouse. Unsafe food may be grounds for a personal injury lawsuit.

Ohio officials are investigating a Chipotle Grill in Powell, Ohio, where dozens of customers claimed they became sick after eating there at the end of July. The Delaware County General Health District was contacted by 683 people about the outbreak. Numerous customers reported on a food poisoning website that they had symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, diarrhea and fever.

Changes coming to Social Security disability

Workers with disabilities rely on Social Security as a financial safety net for meeting their needs. But, there may be changes on the horizon which may make Social Security Disability Insurance eligibility more difficult.

An executive order now gives the president the power of hiring SSDI administrative law judges and other federal ALJs outside federal civil service rules. The Court found that the federal government used a hiring process that was unconstitutional because ALJs must be appointed by the president, federal department heads or the courts.

The status of medical marijuana under workers' comp.

Medical marijuana was legalized for specific health conditions in Ohio under a new law, HB 523. However, the state's workers' compensation laws do not allow reimbursement for the use of medical marijuana for treatment of workplace injuries.

The state's Pharmacy Board licenses retail dispensers and registers patients and their physicians who prescribe cannabis. It also has a list of conditions where the administration of medical marijuana is allowed. These include traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, or pain that is chronic, severe or unmanageable.

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