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Denied disability benefits? We can help

It is fairly commonly known that many if not most applications for Social Security disability benefits get denied on the first go around. Even if a Cincinnati, Ohio, resident really is injured or ill and unable to keep working in order to earn living, it is admittedly difficult to convince the Social Security Administration of that, meaning an appeal to an Administrative Law Judge is often necessary.

Seasonal Affective Disorder may be covered for SSD benefits

Although the days are slowly getting longer as spring approaches, the month of February is still dreaded by many who have to deal with winter weather. The days are dark, the weather cold, storms often relentless. With these common dreary conditions in winter comes an increase of Seasonal Affective Disorder, or "SAD."

Leukemia affects over a hundred thousand Americans each year

Leukemia is a deadly form of cancer which strikes blood cells in the body. It can strike any of the three types of cells in the body including the lymphoblasts, which are white blood cells that fight infections in the body, platelets which clot the blood and red blood cells which are used to carry oxygen from the lungs throughout the body. Leukemia tends to begin in one's bone marrow, as immature blood cells are more susceptible to cancer, and bone marrow is where most blood cells initially form.

Social Security vows to help Americans despite budget fears

With no Congress approved budget for the upcoming year, many recipients of Social Security disability benefits, and the Social Security Administration itself are holding their collective breath. The administration often reaches out to Americans through their various social media outlets including a Twitter and Facebook account, as well as a frequently updated blog entitled, "Social Security Matters."

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