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Winter roads and holidays combine for a dangerous driving season

As the holiday season approaches, the weather begins to cool. There's also more precipitation, and the sun comes up later and later each morning. Even more concerning is in the increase in social drinking often associated with the holidays.

Limitations of minimum coverage motor vehicle insurance

In order to legally drive a motor vehicle on public roads in Ohio or Kentucky, drivers must obtain liability insurance coverage. This requirement protects people from the financial devastation that can follow a motor vehicle crash. Insurance can cover expenses such as hospital bills or the cost of replacing a vehicle after a collision.

Fidget spinners and car seats: Recent safety warnings for parents

Most parents won't take chances with anything that could harm their children. Yet, parents do this without knowing it because some companies sell items that can harm the children. Products with defects and products that are just unsafe can make it to market.

What should I know if I'm injured by another driver?

On your way to go grocery shopping, another vehicle swerved into your lane and slammed straight into your car. Luckily, you survived. Now, you have to deal with the issues that are forthcoming. You were injured and you know that you need to call the police and get medical care, so you realize you should call 911.

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