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Pedestrian struck, killed in Springfield Township

Tragedy struck the family of a Springfield Township, Ohio resident following the announcement of a pedestrian accident on Monday afternoon. The pedestrian was struck and killed at the corner of Winton Road and Cloveriew Avenue in Springfield Township by a 2016 Ford F-150. At the time of the reporting, it was uncertain whether authorities will charge the driver, who was uninjured in the accident.

Sadly, pedestrian accidents are more common than one might think. According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2013 nearly 5,000 Americans were killed in traffic crashes throughout the United States. To put things into perspective, that is nearly one fatal pedestrian accident every two hours throughout the year.

What is OSHA?

In 1970, the United States founded the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, and created the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 to help protect American workers. The administration has many rules in place for companies and works with both employers and their workers to assure a safe working environment for those working in the United States.

The administration set specific guidelines that companies must adhere to in an effort to create a safe working environment for all their workers. This includes assuring a workplace without serious hazards, or if hazards inevitably exist, providing employees with protective equipment, gear and safeguards at no cost to the worker. They must also inform and train all workers working in hazardous environments at no cost to the employee. They must also keep records of any work-related injuries or illnesses, and post any and all citations and injuries, as well as an easily visible OSHA poster in the workplace.

Multiple injuries following ATV, motorcycle crash

Last week saw a unique but no less serious accident in Walnut Hills, Ohio when police responded to a report of an accident shortly after 6 o'clock in the evening between an All-Terrain Vehicle, or ATV, and a motorcycle on Gilbert Avenue. The accident occurred when a 46-year-old man and his 12-year-old son rounded a corner and struck a 37-year-old motorcyclist. The motorcycle flipped several times and the ATV rolled over.

There were serious injuries as well. The father and son were thrown from the ATV and the motorcyclist suffered a serious head injury. No one involved in the accident was wearing helmets, according to an officer at the scene. All victims were immediately taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center for treatment. It has also been reported that the ATV involved in the accident was stolen.

What should I know if I'm injured by another driver?

On your way to go grocery shopping, another vehicle swerved into your lane and slammed straight into your car. Luckily, you survived. Now, you have to deal with the issues that are forthcoming. You were injured and you know that you need to call the police and get medical care, so you realize you should call 911.

Now that you have contacted the authorities and you know that they are on the way, it is time to make sure that you have some idea of what you need to do from here. Consider these five points about what you should do after a car crash.

Young man killed in track meet accident

Tragedy struck the Wheaton, Illinois community last weekend following an accident at a track meet at Wheaton College when a student was killed while volunteering for a hammer-throw event. The 19-year-old victim, from Cincinnati, Illinois was a freshman at Wheaton College, where he played on their soccer team. His parents were missionaries; as such, he spent much of his youth living in Zimbabwe.

The young man volunteered to help mark the distances of thrown hammers, and was standing near one of the landing zones when an errant throw hit him in the head during warmups. The hammer-throw involves throwing a ball attached to a steel wire that can weigh as much as 16 pounds.

Protect your loved ones from nursing home neglect

There inevitably reaches a point in the life of an elderly person where they are no longer able to take of themselves. While it is of course worth celebrating the long life of a person as each year passes on, the reality of life is that we are not invincible. Our bodies and minds eventually wear down.

While in many family's situations, there are family members and friends who are able to take care of their aging loved one, there often reaches a point where 24-hour care is required, and not all families are in a position to take care of the person in need of help.

An in-depth explanation of workers' comp benefits

Whether you have been at a position for an extended period of time or just started a job, workers in Ohio and elsewhere do not always consider the risks and dangers associated with their job. While many safety measures are put in place, this does not always prevent workplace injuries or illnesses from occurring.

When a work is injured on-the-job or suffers a workplace illness, he or she could be entitled to workers' compensation. Workers' comp benefits are designed to financially assist employee who have been harmed in the work environment, helping them with medical bills and other expenses. Depending on the industry an employee worked in, he or she could be entitled to special workers' comp benefit, such as federal government benefits and railroad employee benefits.

The pros and cons of settling out of court

Imagine being involved in a car accident. The other driver was texting while driving and crashed into your vehicle. The accident totaled your car and left you with a few broken bones. Now you have growing medical bills, a new car to buy and lost wages from missing work. You know that the other driver's insurance should cover these expenses, but should you take a settlement or go to trial?

In most cases, personal injury claims never see the inside of a courtroom. Usually, the insurance company offers a settlement. This might happen before you even file a lawsuit for damages. Settlements often include back-and-forth negotiations between the insurance company and the injured party's attorney. There are both pros and cons to accepting a settlement. A personal injury attorney in the Cincinnati area can help you determine if a settlement is right for you.

Ohio State freshman struck and killed by vehicle in Cincinnati

Unfortunately, accidents can happen at any time and for any number of reasons. Motor vehicles are often the culprit of numerous serious accidents in Ohio and other states across the nation. A negligent driver might be distracted, intoxicated or under the influence of a substance at the time of a motor vehicle accident. However, nothing is as disturbing and emotional as a driver acting under malicious intentions when causing a car accident.

This is what presumably occurred in a pedestrian-car accident in Cincinnati. The accident occurred across the street from the Aronoff Center. An 18-year-old Ohio State freshman was struck and dragged by a vehicle; police suspect that the accident was deliberate. She was hospitalized with severe injuries; sadly, she died five days later.

We can help file a personal injury claim following a car crash

When residents in Ohio get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, they likely do not consider all the risks or potential dangers associated with operating an automobile. Nonetheless, there is a multitude of dangers correlated to driving a vehicle; thus, most motorists take the time to follow the rules of the road and uphold their duty to drive safely. However, even the safest driver cannot always evade the negligence and recklessness of other motorists on the roadways.

No one expects to get involved in a car crash; however, once it occurs, accident victims are often left dealing with a difficult and traumatic aftermath. Even when a victim is able to walk away from the scene of the accident with only minor injuries, they will likely require medical treatment. And, no matter the severity of the injuries and damages involved in a car crash, accident victims have legal recourses available to them that can help prove fault and liability in the accident.

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